‘Hanna’ star Mireille Enos on her ‘The Killing’ reunion and her big fight scene

Mireille Enos stars in the series “Hanna,” based on the 2011 thriller film.
“Hanna,” based on the 2011 thriller film, reunites star Mireille Enos with her “The Killing” cohort Joel Kinnaman.
(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

Mireille Enos won high praise for her leading role in “The Killing,” playing a tightly wound detective investigating the murder of a teenage girl.

Her partner in that drama was Joel Kinnaman, who played a more street savvy investigator who often clashed with Eno’s character.

Enos and Kinnaman are paired again in Amazon’s “Hanna,” about a teenage lethal weapon raised and trained by her father. Kinnaman plays Hanna’s father, while Enos plays a ruthless CIA operative determined to kill them both.

In an Emmy Contenders chat in the Los Angeles Times video studio, Enos discussed how thrilled she was when she leaned she would be teaming up again with Kinnaman.


“It was music to my ears,” she said. “Joel is my number one best partner I’ve ever gotten to play with.”

She added that their chemistry is tied to their mutual approach to life, saying they both “come from a place of generosity.”

Another big thrill for the petite actress was getting physical in a rough fight scene with two armed male agents who take her out in the forest with orders to kill her.

“It was awesome,” she said. “I do practice martial arts. I’m a second-degree black belt in taekwondo.” The producers “built this fight that was totally within my wheelhouse.”


Armed only with a knife, Eno’s character dispatches both agents.

The director of photography choreographed the scene so it was shot in a single take without cutting. “It was a very exciting day,” she said.

“Hanna” star Mireille Enos sits down with the Los Angeles Times and talks about her new Amazon Prime show.

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