Alec Baldwin is back as an emergency-declaring Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump in the cold open of this week’s ‘Saturday Night Live.’

With the President declaring a national emergency to secure funding for his border wall this week, there was little doubt what would be the target for the cold open of “Saturday Night Live,” which was hosted this week by Don Cheadle with musical guest Gary Clark Jr.

And indeed, Alec Baldwin was back portraying President Trump on Saturday night, this time wearing the blue tie and overcoat seen with the president’s remarks on Thursday justifying his decision about the border, or, as Baldwin’s Trump said, “the brown line as many people have asked me not to call it.”

“You all see why I have to fake this natural emergency, right?” Baldwin asked, echoing the real-life president’s admission during his speech. “I have to because I want to.”


At least for the Trump of “Saturday Night Live,” however, it was all going to plan. Baldwin claimed to see it all clearly, from the declaration of emergency and subsequent legal action to neutralize it, followed by the release of the Mueller report.

“And my personal hell of playing the president will finally be over,” Baldwin’s Trump said to a few whoops from the “Saturday Night Live” crowd.

The sketch then pivoted toward questions from the press, which progressed with its usual combative approach — at least until Baldwin’s Trump took a question from Playboy magazine, but they too were shut down. “Sit down, or I’m switching back to Hustler,” Baldwin’s Trump said. But as the questions went on he expressed regrets about the job as he reminisced about his meeting with Obama prior to the inauguration.

“Had I known then what I know now,” said Baldwin, “I would’ve just had Putin give the job to Hillary instead.”

Watch the sketch above.

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