Late Night: Robert Pattinson says he buys ‘everything’ on Craigslist

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Attention Twihards in the greater Los Angeles area: If you’re looking to sell a car -- or, for that matter, anything -- you should probably post it on Craigslist, because there’s a chance Robert Pattinson will show up at your door.

On Wednesday night, the ever-charming actor paid a visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the latest stop on his whirlwind promotional tour for the new film “Cosmopolis.” Mercifully, Kimmel chose not to bring up the subject of Pattinson’s relationship with Kristen Stewart which -- in case you missed it -- is not going so well these days.

Instead, they talked about guy stuff -- namely, cars. Pattinson said that though he still doesn’t have a permanent home, he does have “several” vehicles, including a 2001 Silverado he picked up a few months ago on Craigslist.


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“Did you actually like go on a computer and find a Craigslist ad and buy it from a guy somewhere?” Kimmel asked in disbelief.

“I buy everything off Craiglist,” Pattinson insisted. (Last week on “The Daily Show,” the actor said his biggest problem is that he’s a cheapskate; sounds like he wasn’t kidding.)

He told Kimmel that his latest vehicle was purchased from a “guy in Chino Hills” who lived with his parents and did not seem to have any idea he was selling his car to a multimillionaire movie star.

Pattinson even got the seller to lower his asking price by $300, and pretended to commiserate over the sky-high price of gas. “I was like, I know man, it’s crazy,” he said.

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Pattinson also discussed his skintight cycling pants, his accidental patronage of a known gay cruising spot, and an extremely uncomfortable sex scene he filmed for “Cosmopolis.”

“Twilight” fans may want to cover their ears.


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