Late Night: Casey Anthony is a ‘Hunger Games’ fan, says lawyer

On Tuesday, America’s least-beloved mother, Casey Anthony, granted her first post-acquittal interview to CNN’s Piers Morgan. If you, like millions of Americans, have been curious about what Anthony’s been up to since she was found not guilty of murder last July, the answer is: reading"The Hunger Games” and watching"The Three Stooges.” (No, really.)

On Tuesday Anthony, who’s been in hiding for most of the last year, spoke with Morgan on the telephone for 10 minutes. Alas, the phone call was not actually played on air Tuesday night, but Morgan did happily relay the details of their conversation to his viewers.

To the surprise of exactly no one, Anthony maintained her innocence in Caylee’s death. Morgan quoted her as saying, “Obviously, I didn’t kill my daughter.” She also claimed Caylee was her “greatest accomplishment,” and expressed regret for her behavior before and during the trial.


So, it was hardly the interview of the century. The most interesting part of the broadcast actually came when Morgan asked Anthony’s lawyer, J. Cheney Mason, about Anthony’s day-to-day life.

Sounding strangely judgmental, he said his client likes to read and watch movies, but that Anthony isn’t a fan of “these so-called reality shows which are about as real as wrestling.” (What a relief!)

Mason, who evidently does not keep abreast of pop culture, also said she’s also been absorbed by “this trilogy of books called ‘The Hunger Games.’” Intrepid journalist that he is, Morgan seized upon this ironic detail: “You know,'The Hunger Games’ is about kids killing each other? Weird subject matter.”

Mason chose not to address Morgan’s observation, merely noting that the books had “taken off like ‘Harry Potter.’’’

Apparently Anthony also loves to watch old black-and-white movies, “I Love Lucy” re-runs and, of course, “The Three Stooges.” But then what 26-year-old woman doesn’t love spending time with Larry, Moe and Curly?


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