Chris Christie joins tradition of Republicans being funny on ‘SNL’


“Saturday Night Live” continued an unusual tradition last night wherein Republicans tend to be the butt of the majority of political jokes but then shine when they’re given the opportunity to actually appear on the show.

George H.W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mike Huckabee: For whatever reason, Republican politicians often perform well when they show up on “SNL” to poke fun at themselves. Head writer Seth Meyers said in a “Fresh Air” interview with Terry Gross that he believes Republicans tend to be “more game” on the show than Democrats: “I think that Democrats are worried if they do a sketch, Republicans will use it against them, and Republicans know the Democrats won’t.”

Now New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has joined the late-night GOP ranks. Christie appeared on “Weekend Update” last night to discuss events post-Hurricane Sandy. While he did not address his feelings for President Obama versus Mitt Romney, he did make fun of New Jersey residents’ impatience and short tempers as well as his ever-present “Chris Christie: Governor” fleece jacket. “I’m gonna die in this fleece. But it’s OK, it’s a good fleece.” He also expressed his displeasure with the mayors who ignored his evacuation orders, saying that they looked like “a real Seth Meyers.”


Unlike host Jeremy Renner, who seemed out of his element during parts of the show, Christie was comfortable on-camera, had decent timing and enjoyed a good onscreen rapport with Meyers.

While “SNL” never endorses Republicans as politicians, it does endorse them as comic performers.


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