Stephen Colbert bashes Fox News’ ‘War on Men’ article


For those of you under the impression that there’s currently a “war on women” underway in America, this weekend in a column for Fox News’ website, writer Suzanne Venker set the record straight: Men are actually the ones under siege.

In the piece, titled “The War on Men,” Venker said that men are less interested in marriage than they were 15 years ago because, thanks to the sexual revolution, “women aren’t women anymore”; instead, they’ve become “angry” and “defensive.” Her argument may not have been that sound, but Venker’s column certainly worked as click-bait, lighting up Twitter and drawing responses from numerous media outlets.

Never one to shy away from a controversy, Stephen Colbert weighed in on the “War on Men” fracas Wednesday night, offering up his (ironic) support for Venker.


Since “women aren’t women anymore,” Colbert advised his fellow men to “always look for the Adam’s Apple.” “Then,” he continued, “look for the Adam’s penis.”

As for the claim that men are no longer interested in marriage because women are angry and defensive, Colbert was also convinced. “You need proof? Go up to any single woman and say, ‘The reason you’re not married is because you’re angry and defensive,’ ” he proposed. (Just be sure to wear a cup.)

As he often does, Colbert ended the segment on an earnest note.

“Follow Ms. Venker’s advice and you single gals will finally be able to live out every woman’s wildest dream: marrying a man who doesn’t want you to achieve anything,” he said. “As a man on behalf of women everywhere, thank you, Suzanne Venker. I trust you will lead the charge by getting out of the writing business. Clearly, it’s not in your nature.”


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