Jerry Lawler has angioplasty, in critical but stable condition

Jerry Lawler, 62, suffered a heart attack while doing commentator duty during WWE's "Monday Night Raw."

Jerry Lawler, who had a heart attack Monday during a live broadcast of WWE’s “Monday Night Raw,” is in the Cardiac Care Unit at a Montreal hospital and is heavily sedated after undergoing a coronary angioplasty procedure. He remains in critical but stable condition.

In the procedure, a balloon was put in at least one of Lawler’s clogged coronary arteries to open it. A small wire tube was then inserted to help prevent the artery from closing again.

“As of this morning, Jerry “The King” Lawler is in a cardiac care unit and all his vital signs are stable,” the WWE said in a statement. “WWE will provide additional information as it becomes available. We continue to wish Jerry all the best for a full recovery.”

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Lawler’s ex-wife, Stacy Carter, confirmed the angioplasty procedure in a Twitter post. “He had a stint & a balloon put in. Right now he is still heavily sedated,” Carter tweeted.

Lawler, 62, had the heart attack while he and announcing partner Michael Cole were providing commentary during a tag-team match featuring Kane and Daniel Bryan versus the Prime Time Players.

Midway through the match, the commentary suddenly stopped and snoring sounds could be heard.

Medical personnel at ringside immediately started CPR on Lawler, whose heart had stopped beating.


Lawler, who still wrestles occasionally, had competed in a match earlier in the show, about 45 minutes before his heart attack.


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Jerry Lawler suffers heart attack during live ‘Monday Night Raw’