Serena Williams belts out ‘I Will Survive’ on ‘Late Night’

Tennis player Serena Williams has had a quite a summer, winning Wimbledon, followed by two Olympic golds, and finally clinching her fourth U.S. Open title on Sunday. Should Williams be preparing for a post-tennis career, she’s got at least one impressive skill to add her to her resume: She does a mean karaoke.

In a Monday visit to “Late Night,” Williams revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she celebrated her U.S. Open triumph as any girl would do -- by hitting up her favorite karaoke joint and singing her favorite soft rock hits of the ‘80s. Fallon, who’s never one to shy away from a little singing, joined her for impromptu renditions of her current go-to karaoke songs, “I’m All Out of Love” by Air Supply and “Suddenly” by Billy Ocean.

In fact, she said, it was the promise of karaoke that got her through a tough match against opponent Victoria Azarenka. She told Fallon that she celebrated her win by performing “I Will Survive,” an admission the host simply couldn’t let pass. Fallon handed the tennis champ a microphone as The Roots sounded the opening notes of the disco classic.

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified,” she sang, sounding anything but. 



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