John Oliver slams Jay Leno on ‘civility’ comments

John Oliver had a few things to say Sunday night about civility.
(Eric Liebowitz / Associated Press)

John Oliver had a few words about civility for Jay Leno during Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight,” which had a public-shaming theme.

Oliver criticized the former “Tonight Show” host about his relentless Monica Lewinsky jokes back in the ’90s and his lack of public regret over those quips.

The HBO host’s comments came after Leno criticized late-night TV on the “Today” show and said he’d “like to see a bit of civility come back.”

In response, Oliver presented viewers with clips from Leno’s old show in which the host unceasingly jests about Lewinsky and her sexual encounters with former President Clinton.


“You know, like that time [Leno] did a fake book about Lewinsky” that called her promiscuous, Oliver said. “And if that’s what he means by civility, may I offer my new book,” he said, tagging an expletive at the end of the title of the Dr. Seuss book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

“Those jokes have not dated well in any sense of the word,” Oliver said, adding: “Given all of that, it’s frankly a miracle that Lewinsky seems to have emerged with her sense of humor intact.”

He pointed to a tweet from last year in which a social media user claimed not to know who Lewinsky was, to which she replied: “i’m the chick from over 125 rap songs...”