Who’s that voice?

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Commercial voice-overs: Can you guess who's who?

QUIZ: Who's that voice?

Big-name celebrities long have done some voice-over work for commercials. But advertisers increasingly are turning to them to gain attention for their ad campaigns. That means professional voice-over artists are feeling the pinch.

Roll over the images below to play the clips. Can you guess which actor voiced which commercial?

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'Here's to the beer fridge'

Sorry ladies, it's only his voice. He may be an international superstar, but here he proves he's just one of the guys: A man who loves his fridge.

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'In this business there are no straight lines'

A recent stint as a certain evil president hasn't stopped this actor's comforting tone from selling cross continental flights for Delta.

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'Change, and the world changes with you'

Her last film was in Paula Dean territory, but now this Emmy Award-winning actress is helping Kaiser Permanente tell patients to lay off the butter and have an apple instead.

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'Get it together baby'

This funny lady has done everything from animated films to stand up. Here she cleans up her sometimes-dirty humor for hungry Applebee's patrons.

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'The battery they trust'

Duracell batteries may have powered this actor's Walkman in his 1998 cult film, but, he says, they're useful for firemen too.

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'What drives us?'

This guy just keeps getting groovier and groovier. While he may have a predilection for retro digs it seems he's ready for a thoroughly modern car.

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Jon Hamm

Allison Janney

Donald Sutherland

Wanda Sykes

Jeff Bridges

George Clooney

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Budweiser: George Clooney | Delta: Donald Sutherland | Kaiser: Allison Janney | Applebee's: Wanda Skyes | Duracell: Jeff Bridges | Mercedes: Jon Hamm

Credits| Reporting: Joe Flint and Lily Mihalik | Interactivity and design: Armand Emamdjomeh/@emamd, Stephanie Ferrell, Lily Mihalik

Photography: Jon Hamm / Los Angeles Times, Allison Janney / Los Angeles Times, Donald Sutherland / Los Angeles Times, Wanda Sykes / Fox, Jeff Bridges / Los Angeles Times, George Clooney / Los Angeles Times