A&E, History and Lifetime join Apple TV

‘Bates Motel’
Michael Vartan and Vera Farmiga in a scene from “Bates Motel.”

Are you psycho for “Bates Motel” but lost without cable? Cheer up, lil’ Internet TV viewer. A&E Networks announced on Monday that it has launched A&E, History and Lifetime content on Apple TV.

That means more than just “Bates Motel”; it includes popular shows like “Storage Wars,” “Project Runway,” “Devious Maids” and “Pawn Stars.”

Apple TV launched in early 2007 and offered a novel way to watch content from the Internet on a regular HDTV. The latest third-generation model was released in 2013.

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By joining Apple TV, A&E becomes part of Apple TV offerings, including content from the iTunes Store, NetFlix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Vevo and more.

“We’re excited to deliver our hit programming from A&E, History and Lifetime to Apple TV users,” said Dan Suratt, executive vice president of digital media and business development for A&E Networks in a news release. “With the response we’ve seen from our content on iOS devices and on iTunes, bringing A+E HD content to Apple TV is a natural evolution to satisfy our consumers’ demands and to provide our advertisers a new opportunity to partner with A+E Networks.”


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