Animal Planet seeks its own ‘Sharknado’ with ‘Blood Lake’

Discovery has Shark Week and Syfy has “Sharknado,” so what’s a cable channel like Animal Planet to do? No one’s used killer lamprey eels yet, so that’s what they’ll do.

Animal Planet is bringing back its Monster Week of themed programming for the third year this May, and this year, they’re going one better than those fake mermaid documentaries, opting for the full “Sharknado.”

On May 25, the channel is airing “Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys,” an original movie from the Asylum, the low-budget film studio responsible for last summer’s surprise Syfy channel sensation, “Sharknado.” Like “Sharknado,” this film has its own “Beverly Hills 90210" alum star in Shannen Doherty, who must do battle with bloodthirsty lamprey eels terrorizing a Michigan town. Christopher Lloyd and Jason Brooks also star.

While killer lampreys will never be as bizarrely hypnotic as a tornado full of sharks, there’s always the possibility that last summer’s Twitter frenzy will replicate itself again.

Other Monster Week highlights will include the season finale of “River Monsters,” a special about the relocation of a killer crocodile called “Nature’s Most Wanted” and “Man-Eating Zombie Cats” about a pathogen that is sweeping the planet and giving big cats a thirst for human blood.


The channel will also air the documentary “Devoured: Man-Eating Super Snake” and extended cuts of the documentaries “Mermaids: The Body Found” and “Mermaids: The New Evidence.” (And no, extended cuts do not make the documentaries any less fake).

Animal Planet’s Monster Week actually runs nine days, from May 18 until May 26.