Anne Heche reportedly signed to ‘Michael J. Fox Show’

Anne Heche has been signed to play a recurring role on 'The Michael J. Fox Show,' a report says.
Anne Heche has been signed to play a recurring role on ‘The Michael J. Fox Show,’ a report says.
(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

NBC’s highly anticipated “Michael J. Fox Show,” which premieres Sept. 26, has reportedly signed Anne Heche to play the recurring role of Fox’s rival news anchor, Susan Rodriguez-Jones.

The new series features Fox as Mike Henry, a New York City TV anchor who has taken a five-year break due to the onset of Parkinson’s disease (which Fox has in real life). Henry has a supportive but feisty family that is relieved by his decision to go back to work — apparently he’s like a housewife on steroids.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Heche will act as a foil to Fox’s lovable, slightly goofy character. Described by NBC as “sharp, savvy and tough-as-nails,” Rodriguez-Jones was Henry’s supervisor years ago when the two worked at a station in Orlando, Fla. Their ongoing rivalry began after Rodriguez-Jones apparently “lost” Henry in the Everglades.

NBC loves Heche, it seems. She last starred as a woman who thinks she is channeling God in another NBC show, “Save Me.” The finale for that series, which met with a lukewarm reception, aired in June.


Heche also starred on HBO’s “Hung” and ABC’s “Men in Trees.”


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