Fox News show hammered by critics for Ray Rice lesson: ‘Take the stairs’

Fox and Friends hosts
From left, “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy, fill-in host Anna Kooiman, and host Brian Kilmeade on Monday’s show.
(Fox News)

Fox News was lambasted on Twitter after the hosts of “Fox & Friends” joked Monday that the lesson from the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal is “to take the stairs” because there are cameras in elevators.

A spokeswoman for the news network told the Los Angeles Times the comments would be addressed by the show's hosts Tuesday.



An earlier version of this post included a photo that identified Gretchen Carlson as a current host of "Fox & Friends." She left the show last year.
An earlier version of this post stated that Fox co-host Brian Kilmeade said the couple got married even after the alleged attack. It was co-host Steve Doocy who made that remark.


The hosts were commenting on the cutting of Rice by the Baltimore Ravens after a video surfaced on TMZ that showed a person believed to be Rice punching a woman, who is believed to be his now-wife, unconscious in a casino elevator.

Co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy commented on the couple still getting married even after the alleged attack and the message it sends when other high-profile couples stay together after similar incidents. Kilmeade then added, “I think the message is to take the stairs.”

The other hosts chuckled at the remark and said the lesson should also be that most elevators have cameras.

The trio was hammered on Twitter for the exchange, many calling them insensitive and ignorant.

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