#JonVoyage: How correspondents, celebs, critics bid farewell to Jon Stewart

#JonVoyage: How correspondents, celebs, critics bid farewell to Jon Stewart
John Hodgman, Matt Walsh, Nancy Walls, Dan Bakkedahl, Rob Riggle, Samantha Bee, Aasif Mandvi, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Jordan Klepper, John Oliver, Ed Helms, Larry Wilmore, Rob Corddry, Olivia Munn, and Kristen Schaal appear on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Aug. 6. (Brad Barket / Getty Images)

Jon Stewart spent 16 years eviscerating politicians, media bias and sheer stupidity on "The Daily Show," all the while cracking jokes and racking up a wide breadth of viewers, who bid farewell to the Comedy Central star when he stepped down on Thursday.

The multiple Emmy Award winner assembled several of his noted former correspondents, including Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms and Steve Carell, and successor Trevor Noah for special coverage of the GOP presidential debate, which landed on the same night. There, "The Daily Show" grads said their emotional and humorous good-byes to Stewart in person -- Colbert even went off script and got his former mentor teary-eyed. Meanwhile, several politicos and journalists, many of whom have found themselves on the receiving end of a Stewart scolding over the years, sent their regards in a video montage. (More on that here).

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Around the Web, the hashtag #JonVoyage served as a catch-all for tributes toasting to Stewart's legacy and memories about the satirical late-night comic. The fact that the finale's air date coincided with the first Republican presidential debate inevitably led to a Twitter showdown between debate viewers and "Daily Show" fans -- and the hashtogs #JonVoyage and #GOPdebate competing for the top U.S. trend for much of Thursday.

Comedians waxed nostalgic about the Stewart's point of view, mourning losing him as their daily news source. Pundits weighed in on Stewart's impact on the political landscape, and even noted historian Doris Kearns Goodwin chimed in about the comedian's place in history.

Here's a round-up of the night's notable tweets and tributes.


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