Jon Stewart discovers the secret of Sarah Palin’s mangled syntax

‘The Daily Show’
Sarah Palin in a car commercial? “The Daily Show” imagines it.
(Comedy Central)

To the untrained ear, Sarah Palin’s speeches can often sound like a garbled word salad of slogans and buzz words stitched together in the outline of a coherent thought. But on Monday’s “Daily Show” Jon Stewart got to the bottom of why the former Alaskan governor talks the way she does.

“Incoherent, rambling, unintelligible, folksy idioms,” Stewart says. “She’s not speaking at a political event, Sarah Palin is trying to sell America a Lincoln.”

Palin appeared over the weekend at the “Freedom Summit” hosted by Iowa Congressman Steve King in Des Moines, which gathered Republican presidential hopefuls in one place to present themselves to voters.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was there, as was Mike Huckabee, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and even Donald Trump.


But Palin’s speech made headlines for how disjointed it was (blamed on a malfunctioning teleprompter).

“Our president must have missed growing up,” she said. “Because his insistence that his lawlessness, of he trying to get his way, it tramples our Constitution. So, from debt. And I won’t even get into the details of everything.”

On its face, that snippet of speech makes absolutely no sense. But Stewart, using state of the art video editing technology, grafted Palin in Iowa overtop  Matthew McConaughey in his philosophical Lincoln car commercials and voila! A new spokesperson was born.

“You know, the man can only ride ya when your back is bent. So strengthen it. Then the man can’t ride ya and American can’t be taken for a ride,” may not be artful on the political stage, but behind the wheel of a luxury towncar in an artsy commercial? Perfect.


Watch here and decide for yourself.

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