Matt Lauer, Al Roker film cameos in ‘Sharknado 2'

A crew member holds a shark prop on the New York City set of "Sharknado 2."
(Patricia Schlein / Star Max / GC Images)

“Sharknado 2" is coming this summer, whether we want it to or not, and on Wednesday morning’s “Today” show, Matt Lauer laid a big fat spoiler on everyone. It turns out, Lauer and “Today” weatherman Al Roker will have cameo appearances in the new film.

As anyone who saw any kind of media last summer is already aware, “Sharknado” was the Syfy original movie about a tornado over the city of Los Angeles filled with deadly, sharp-toothed sharks. Astoundingly, the film became a sensation on Twitter, when dozens of media people and celebrities spontaneously decided to live tweet the original broadcast. It’s not often a Z-level production starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid captures national attention.

Naturally, a sequel is in order. And to avoid repeating themselves too much, members of the creative team behind the film, including original director Anthony C. Ferrente and writer Thunder Levin, have shifted the action east to New York City.

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Enter: Matt Lauer and Al Roker.

The “Today” pair filmed two scenes in the show’s 30 Rock studios on Tuesday and revealed the scenes on Wednesday.

In the first, Roker delivers a grim weather forecast. And in the second, conditions in the city appear to have deteriorated to the point where the “Today” guys have some kind of dangerous creature (likely a shark) pinned down on their desk.

Lauer attempted to tell viewers that the second scene was the climax of the entire film. Highly unlikely, but then again, stranger things have happened.



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