Melissa McCarthy is returning to the revival of ‘Gilmore Girls.’ Everyone can exhale now

Melissa McCarthy participates in AOL's Build speaker series to discuss her new film "The Boss" at AOL Studios. McCarthy announced on April 7 that she would be joining the Netflix revival of "Gilmore Girls."

Melissa McCarthy participates in AOL’s Build speaker series to discuss her new film “The Boss” at AOL Studios. McCarthy announced on April 7 that she would be joining the Netflix revival of “Gilmore Girls.”

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The greatest will they/won’t they that Stars Hollow ever conjured was finally resolved Thursday when “The Boss” star Melissa McCarthy announced on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that she would be returning to “Gilmore Girls” for the Netflix revival.

McCarthy spent four years on the original series as Sookie St. James, best friend of protagonist Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and general fan favorite. At the time, the part served as McCarthy’s most significant role and was a wonderful platform for the sunny, silly and profoundly funny talents that America would soon embrace.

Despite all that, however, McCarthy’s joining the Netflix revival of the series has always been in question, even before the series’ existence had been confirmed.


One worrying sign for fans of the show came last June when the Austin Television Festival hosted a “Gilmore Girls” reunion and McCarthy was a no-show. The actress had a good reason, however, as it was the opening weekend of “Spy,” the No. 1 movie in America at the time.

Of more concern was the fact that no one even mentioned McCarthy on the panel, as though launching the career of one of the biggest movie stars wasn’t of particular note when it came to reminiscing about the show.

The situation remained fraught as a public disagreement sprang up in the wake of “Gilmore Girls” casting news, in which creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told TVLine in February that Sookie was yet to be incorporated into scripts, although McCarthy was welcome back. This led to McCarthy’s response that no invitation had previously been issued.

All things considered, it’s been a trying time for fans of the erstwhile WB/CW series, whose worry and waiting have finally been rewarded with McCarthy’s confirmation.

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