‘The Mindy Project’ out at Fox, but in at Hulu?


Fox has brought down the curtain after three seasons on “The Mindy Project,” the romantic sitcom created by and starring Mindy Kaling. But despite the cancellation, don’t count the series out just yet.

Universal Television, which produces the series, has been in talks with Hulu to air the show, possibly for more than one season, sources said.

“The Mindy Project” starred Kaling as a romance-challenged obstetrician/gynecologist who is obsessed with romantic comedies and popular culture. After a series of failed relationships, she became seriously involved in the third season with colleague Danny Castellano (Chris Messina).


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While the show had a core loyal following, “The Mindy Project” often performed modestly, particularly in the third season. It has averaged fewer than 3 million viewers and had long been considered on the bubble for renewal.

Discussing the season finale, which ended with unresolved issues between Kaling’s and Messina’s characters, Kaling said she didn’t approach the episode as a series finale.

“Maybe some people thought, ‘You should wrap it up just in case,’” Kaling said. “But I’m not that type of person who can operate under the assumption of failure. If it’s going to lead to more stories or it doesn’t, I’ll sort of face that when the time comes. I want to see them again. And I don’t want to write from the point of view of it ending if I don’t believe this is the end.”