‘Scandal’ finale by the tweets

Digital Editor

“Scandal” said goodbye Thursday by doing what it does best: blowing up Twitter.

In between a live table read of the finale for charity and a group appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” series creator Shonda Rhimes and the cast gathered to live-tweet one last time (or actually two last times: one for the East Coast and one for the West Coast, natch).

According to Twitter data released Friday, the finale elicited more than 338,000 tweets, making it the top trending topic of the night. The episode, titled “Off a Cliff,” also ranks as most-tweeted episode of Season 7 and the fifth-most tweeted hour in the show’s history.

The most tweeted moment of the episode? Not that heartbreaking death or that steamy #Olitz scene (although #Olitz ranked seventh among “Scandal” hashtags for the evening). No, it was simply the moment after the show went off the air at 11:01 p.m. ET. Fittingly, the tweet with the most retweets came from none other than Rhimes herself.


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And before anyone starts breaking out the violins for that dearly departed character — spoiler alert! — the late David Rosen ranked as the second-most-tweeted-about character of the night, behind only the woman in the white hat herself. (No doubt David’s empowering final speech about being a “bitch” for the United States of America helped him rise high in the rankings.)

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Other characters that got the most mentions on Twitter were David’s killer, Cyrus, Papa Pope and Jake. (At least that’s something to hold on to while spending 25 to life in solitary confinement, right?)


In addition to #ScandalFinale, other top hashtags included #gladiators and #TGIT — the latter of which will be forever changed with the loss of one of its signature series.

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