The team America is rooting for in Super Bowl LVI according to Twitter is ...

Matthew Stafford and Joe Burrow look to pass during games.
Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow will lead their respective teams in Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium on Sunday.
(Alex Menendez/AP; Eric Gay/AP)

The Cincinnati Bengals aren’t the favorites in Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup against the Rams, but according to Twitter, America is rooting for Joe Burrow to win the team’s first Lombardi Trophy.

BetOnline, a sports betting site, tracked tweets using geotagged keywords from fan hashtags used for each team in every state since Jan. 31. In order to count as a vote for the Rams or Bengals, the tweet had to contain a certain hashtag or hashtags. Hashtags such as #RamsHouse, #RamsNation and #GoRams were used to track votes for the Rams while #WhoDey, #RuleTheJungleand #RuleItAll were included for the Bengals.

The final score after nearly 200,000 tweets were tracked: Bengals-specific hashtags were used more than Rams hashtags in 33 states.

A U.S. map shows what Super Bowl team each state is rooting for.
According to Twitter hashtags, most of America will be rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl.

The Bengals dominated hashtags across most of middle America, South, Midwest, Northeast, parts of the Rocky Mountains and Washington state.

The Rams controlled most of the West, including Alaska and Hawaii, Montana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


The Bengals won most of America’s interest on Twitter, but will Sunday produce a similar result on the field?

Super Bowl LVI kicks off at 3:30 p.m. Sunday at SoFi Stadium.

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