Miley Cyrus ‘goin’ to hell’ for VMA raunch, says Sherri Shepherd

On Sunday, Miley Cyrus became the latest in a long line of young women to take to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards with the express purpose of stirring up controversy. And so far, the media have obediently complied, clutching their pearls en masse over her raunchy but otherwise mediocre performance -- one that made Britney Spears’ snake-dancing seem like high art by comparison.

With “The View” in repeats this week, however, the predictable chorus of outrage has been lacking a few critical voices. Thankfully, for those of you desperate to hear Sherri Shepherd’s thoughts on Miley’s tongue thrusts and booty shakes, Jay Leno stepped in to fill the void Monday on “The Tonight Show.”

Was Cyrus’ appearance “over the top, too much?” wondered the host.

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“She goin’ to hell in a twerkin’ hand basket, that girl,” Shepherd said. “When I was growing up, it wasn’t called twerkin’. They got these cute artistic names for it. ... That was called a ho move right there.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, Shepherd didn’t have much to say about the spiritual destiny of Cyrus’ collaborator, Robin Thicke, or his “Beetlejuice goes to the disco” ensemble -- which was, to some observers, at least as troubling as seeing the former Hannah Montana simulate masturbation with a gigantic foam finger.

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Shepherd was, however, excited about her new co-host, Jenny McCarthy, who -- to the alarm of many who see her as a public health threat -- will join “The View” when it returns next month.

“I think she’s going to get into a lot of trouble,” Shepherd predicted. Oh, boy.


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