Thank ‘Breaking Bad’: Are more F-bombs headed to a TV near you?

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Profanity on TV might be about to get a major bleepin’ upgrade.

While certain curse words have begun to crop up with certain regularity on cable TV, the F-bomb is still generally considered out of bounds. But at least one cable exec thinks that’s about to change.

An anonymous research executive at a major cable network who goes by the handle RatingsGal did a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” forum on Wednesday. (Reddit moderators say that they independently verified her work status.)

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RatingsGal wrote that the F-word is going to be censored less over the next five years - partly due to the influence of “Breaking Bad” (WARNING: The season 6 trailer above contains absolutely no profanity. Sorry.)

“Some shows just NEED that word for emphasis,” RatingsGal wrote. “Breaking Bad is allowed ONE [uncensored F-word] per season and they always use it well.”

How well? You can go here to check them all out. (WARNING: There is profanity in the preceding link. Lots of it. You’re welcome.)

Meanwhile, RatingsGal notes the “violence creep” on broadcast TV, where series are showing more gore.

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“Over the past few seasons especially, broadcast TV has really been pushing its limits with violence - Hannibal is a great example, as is The Following. I couldn’t believe some of the shots that were included in both of those shows,” RatingsGal wrote.


What do you think? Should viewers be treated to more F-bombs on TV? Or should networks keep things as they are?


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