Is Uncle Si ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ breakout star?

(Carlos Osorio / Associated Press)
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Before the fourth season of “Duck Dynasty” debuted, the buzz surrounded the addition of the previously unseen, clean-shaven Robertson brother, Alan. But it looks like no hygiene is the way to go. At least that seems to be part of the mystique of Uncle Si, the grungy, bearded elder family member who looks as though he’s becoming the show’s breakout star.

Signs of Uncle Si’s ascendent stardom are everywhere, including his recently published book, “Si-Cology: Tales and Wisdom From Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncle,” which USA Today singled out as one of the best fall books.

And he’s become a symbol of youthful rebellion, always a sure way to beef up your celebrity credentials. Last week, the Associated Press reported that a Virginia high school student was told to change his t-shirt featuring Uncle Si or go home. The offending t-shirt featured Si brandishing his fist with the words, “I will hurt you physically and metaphysically.” School officials felt the T-shirt could be misinterpreted as a promotion of violence. (As we all know, metaphysical violence is currently one of society’s greatest scourges.)


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Si is the brother of Phil Robertson, founder of Duck Commander, the family-owned duck call company that’s the focus of the hit A&E reality series “Duck Dynasty.” The series is a ratings juggernaut, with its fourth season premiere drawing 11.8 million viewers, the highest-rated nonfiction cable telecast in history.

At the center of that record-breaking empire? A guy with a beard his own nephew calls “awkward.” In a recent interview with Us Weekly, fellow Robertson family member Willie tried to describe his uncle’s beard.

“One side is longer than the other, and it’s about three different colors,” he said. “I don’t think he washes it. It’s nasty.”

Just another page in the growing legend that is Uncle Si.


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