Wolf Blitzer’s Oklahoma atheist interview gets viewers talking

They say there are no atheists in foxholes. But apparently, they do exist in the middle of category EF-5 tornadoes. That’s what CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer learned during a recent interview with survivors of the destructive Oklahoma tornado on Tuesday.

In a clip making the rounds online, Blitzer stands in front of tornado wreckage in Moore, Okla., and asks survivor Rebecca Vitsmun, holding her 19-month-old son, “Do you thank the Lord?” for her survival from the storm.

After an awkward pause, Vitsmun replies, “I’m actually an atheist.” Then gives an awkward laugh.

“All right, but you made the right call,” Blitzer said, trying to recover.


“We are here, and you know, I don’t blame anybody for thanking the Lord,” Vitsmun said.

While some on Twitter accused Blitzer of being no better than Glenn Beck or working for “The 700 Club,” others, including a Twitter user with the tag Ozark Atheist, noted, “I wonder if that atheist interviewed by Wolf Blitzer knows that she’s a Twitter hero?”

Despite a surge in viewers during CNN’s coverage of the storms on Monday night, according to Nielsen ratings, Blitzer’s network was trailing Fox News during Tuesday coverage of the aftermath.


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