Gareth Pugh’s wacky forecast for fall

PARIS -- It was a wild and woolly day on the runways at Paris Fashion Week Wednesday.

At the Gareth Pugh show, some of the models had wind-up keys on their backs, which made them look like fashion dolls. And others wore clear plasticky trash bag gowns, which invited unfortunate comparisons to a “Project Runway” challenge gone wrong.

Then there were the hats so tall, they gave Pharrell Williams’ Grammys-night Vivienne Westwood number a run for its money.

And yet, there seemed to be method to Pugh’s runway madness. The white, cloud-like forms, plasticky materials, silvery reflective coatings and fluffy furs, brought to mind how to dress for today’s unpredictable weather (it’s unseasonably mild in Paris right now), and maybe even harness the power of the elements.


Some of Pugh’s propositions included trousers with twisting legs that morphed seamlessly into boots, and shielding funnel-neck coats rendered in insulating, reflective silver fabrics, as well as shaggy white furs that looked both futuristic and primitive at the same time.

It was food for thought alright. If only Pugh and his clothing could really harness energy, maybe he could wind us up and keep us going after all.


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