Hi-Yo silver cufflinks! More ‘Lone Ranger’ merchandise

Merchandise tie-ins with Disney's "The Lone Ranger" Southwestern-inspired print scarves by Theodora & Callum (left, $175) and Robin Rotenier Texas Rangers and mask cufflinks (right, $395).
(Disney Consumer Products)

Although Times fashion critic Booth Moore highlighted some of our favorite “Lone Ranger” movie merchandise in her post about the Will Leather Goods capsule collection of leather bags, belts and wallets, there are a couple of other stylish tie-ins I wanted to mention before saddling up and riding off into the Fourth of July sunset.

One is Theodora & Callum’s limited-edition Southwestern-inspired print scarves. The hand-printed linen/viscose blend scarves measure 40 inches by 78 inches and are available in predominantly blue, brown or pink colorways (the above photo is the blue version) for $175 at specialty retailers and online through the label’s website.

The other is the Robin Rotenier collection of sterling silver cufflinks (you knew there’d be a silver reference in there somewhere, right?), four different styles of cufflinks with an antique-like brushed-metal finish: cowboy hats, cowboy boots, six-shooters and Texas Ranger stars, each with a flattened figure-eight post that’s intended to evoke the shape of the Lone One’s eye mask. The cufflinks are available through a range of retailers nationwide including select Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue stores and online through the brand’s website.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but this seems like it would have been the perfect place for full-on cowboy hat collaboration -- especially the gallant-looking Armie Hammer. 


No Stetson ten-gallon tie-in?

That’s what I’d call the movie merchandising equivalent of all cattle, no hat.  


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