New York Fashion Week spring 2014: Victoria Beckham review

Los Angeles Times Fashion Critic

NEW YORK -- It’s hard enough to take your eyes off David Beckham in the front row of a fashion show as it is. But David Beckham bouncing his baby girl Harper on his knee? Cute overload. Victoria Beckham is lucky her spring runway show Sunday morning got any attention at all!

The inspiration: Conceptual shapes, new proportions, the use of lines, waves and textured overlays.

The look: Graphic and sporty in high-contrast black and white with splashes of pink, maroon and blue, but also feminine. A hint of tennis inspiration. Great sense of proportion, with pleated baby-doll tops over cropped full pants, worn with longer-length jackets or vests. Pyramid-grid-patterned shirts tucked into short, pleated skirts with curving overlays. Sophisticated iterations of the shorts suit that’s showing up on a lot of runways. Also lots of pieces that can be pulled out and worn by different kinds of women, not just the ones shaped like Victoria Beckham, such as sheer baseball jackets and flat, leather wrap sandals.

The verdict: One of the designer’s strongest collections yet. When she started out, one got the sense that the collection was very much in her mold. But now it feels like she understands the diversity of her customers and is designing the collection with that in mind. It was also nice to see her loosen her grip on strict minimalism, branch out and have a little more fun.



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