Ari’s jeans, Tony’s cigar, Samantha’s ... bag?

Kevin Dillon and Kevin Connolly GQ at AG Jeans.
(Lester Cohen /
Times Staff Writer

One of the opening salvos of L.A. Fashion Week was a bash hosted by GQ magazine at the AG Adriano Goldschmied boutique in Beverly Hills. The purpose: to launch the AG for Entourage line of premium denim and T-shirts. The actual reason anyone went: the “Entourage” entourage was there (along with their entourage which resulted in one of those only-in-Hollywood meta-moments).

Jeremy Piven, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara wandered in, wearing jeans and T-shirts, except for Connolly, who showed in a Ralph Lauren suit, and Piven, looking just a little ‘80s in his tight leather bomber jacket. To the dismay of the paparazzi, the boys failed to arrive as a pack -- no single, slow-mo tracking shot familiar to their on-screen counterparts, which meant the Entourage spent most of the evening schlepping in and out of the store for photo ops and inane questions about their personal style.

The men’s and women’s denim collection, which will sell in AG boutiques and specialty shops, is subtly branded with the “Entourage” star logo on the waistband button. The jeans run $159 to $185. The $58 to $75 washed-down T-shirts are screened with references to the the show (“Medellin,” “Let’s Hug it Out”) and are surprisingly low-key and wearable.

According to James Costos, HBO’s vice president of licensing and retail, “Entourage” denim is just the beginning. The company is looking at other high-end fashion collaborations “that are meaningful and appropriate to our shows.” Costos said negotiations are underway to launch “Sopranos” Italian wines and fine cigars. “We’re looking at ‘Sex and the City’ too,” he told the Mirror. “We want to partner with a high-end bag designer. Can’t you just see a Samantha bag?”

Come to think of it, yes we can.