Guess from the dress: A cutout quiz straight from the Academy Awards red carpet

Red Carpet Cutouts
One of these mystery women plucked from the Academy Awards red carpet was born in Mexico City, and two share a 2015 sci-fi movie credit -- but not the one wearing Dior couture.
(Allen J. Schaben (left, center) and Jay L. Clendenin (right) / Los Angeles Times)

When you watch the Academy Awards arrivals, do you find yourself paying more attention to the clothes than the people wearing them? Do you start hurling insults at the television whenever E!’s Ryan Seacrest abdicates the sole red-carpet responsibility entrusted to him by the fashion flock by failing to ask: “Who are you wearing?” Have you won the office pool for at least three years running for best- and worst-dressed at the Oscars?

If your answer to any of those questions is yes —  or you’re simply looking for a way to humble-brag your style IQ in the run-up to the first limo drop at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday — you might want to try your hand at pairing designer gowns with the women who wore them by taking our Oscars Fashion Faceoff Quiz.   

We’ve plucked each look out of the L.A. Times Photo Department’s red-carpet database and served it without its wearer. As a player, all you need to do is tell us who the mystery woman is before the 20-second countdown clock expires. To help you better assess who’s wearing the dress, we’ve provided three multiple-choice options —  and two helpful (or maybe not so helpful) hints along the way.

And even if it turns out you’re not a full-on Oscars fashion whiz, you’ll leave the game with a parting gift: trivia worth tossing out at the next cocktail party — like which actress was once an Ivy League cartoonist or who auditioned for a bikini commercial alongside Nicole Kidman.


For those answers — and much, much more — play the Los Angeles Times’ Oscars Fashion Faceoff Quiz now.

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