Summer makeup tips

Special to the Los Angeles Times

Once the weather warms up, it’s all too likely your glowing complexion will go from dewy to sweaty. But by switching up several key products in your makeup arsenal — reconsidering the weight of certain formulas as well as brightening your color palette — you can master an easy warm weather makeup routine without having to start from scratch.

“It’s important to change your makeup for a few key reasons,” says celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh, who counts Ginnifer Goodwin and Jessica Paré as longtime clients. “For one, sometimes your body gets tanner than your face, so it’s good to warm up your face with bronzer or a darker foundation to match your skin.” And makeup colors should change to coordinate with summer’s lighter clothing textures and brighter hues. Warm weather makeup entails several simple steps and products that will transition your face into the new season. Here are seven elements that will create an effortless makeup look in hotter weather.

1. Warm skin


Get a good bronzer with a nice silky texture that subtly warms your skin tone. Apply the bronzer to each side of the face, starting at the forehead and sweeping the brush down across the top of the cheekbone, then down and across the outer jaw line. The entire motion should form something of an “E” shape. Then lightly hit the top of the nose, chin and forehead where the sun would touch it.

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2. Lighten up

“You can carry over your matte and semi-matte foundations,” Quynh says. “Anything too hydrating may cause too much shine during summer.” But if you’re willing to replace the heavier foundation used during the fall and winter, a happy medium for summer is a tinted moisturizer that still provides plenty of sheer coverage. Laura Mercier makes a formula that’s lightweight for warm weather and prevents too much shine.

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3. Brighten up


A bright lip is a no-brainer for transitioning makeup into the summer months. Morange from MAC Cosmetics is a vibrant, warm orange hue that makes a statement all on its own and helps balance fun summer prints or punctuates breezy neutral clothing. “This color looks beautiful with golden skin,” says Quynh, adding that even if it is too hot to wear full makeup, wearing only a bright lip color can still make you look polished and pulled together.

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4. Waterproof lashes

Waterproof mascara is a necessity for hot, humid weather to avoid the black smudges and streaks that form from sweat on the eyelid or under the eye.

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5. Add a pop of color

“Wear a brighter cheek color to look healthy during summer,” says Quynh. As skin tones darken, blush colors should get brighter, not deeper. Pop a vibrant hue of powder or cream blush onto the apples of the cheeks to bring out a tan and add a healthy flush to the face.

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6. Highlight eyes

“Change your color palette and wear bronzy shadows instead of charcoal grays,” says Quynh. Bronze shades are a natural fit for tan skin and hot days and generally complement the bright clothing colors that come out for summer. Quynh also advises highlighting the inside corners of eyes with a shell-colored eye shadow to make them appear more luminous.

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7. Add sheen

Lipstick can sometimes feel too heavy in warm weather, so try an equally vibrant gloss. Wear a sunny shade alone or pop it onto the center of lips over a bright lipstick to add depth and dimension.

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