Hangover bound: 10 wacky vodka flavors


If you’re a vodka purest, you might want to look away. Whether sipped or shot back, the clear liquor is prized for its lack of odor or flavor. The world’s most expensive vodka brands boast multiple distillations for a clean, unadulterated product. So where does iced-cake flavored vodka fit in?

Fruit-flavored vodkas have been on the market for years, but there’s a whole world of odd varieties available for every conceivable palate. Here are 10 of the wackiest vodka flavors around (in no particular order) -- just watch out for that hangover!

1. Naked Jay Big Dill pickle-flavored vodka is meant to taste like a tangy dill pickle. Just one more item to add to a pickle lover’s cabinet.


2. 360 Vodka glazed donut could be Homer Simpson’s favorite beverage.

3. Kai lemongrass vodka sounds like it might pair well with a plate of pad Thai?

4. Bakon bacon-flavored vodka is meant to taste like smoky bacon, proving yet again there are no bounds to the bacon craze.

5. Vincent Vangough peanut butter and jelly vodka aims to bring the childhood lunch item to the grownups’ table.

6. Stoli chocolat kokonut mixes the flavors of cocoa and tropical coconut. Winter tiki party, anyone?

7. Smirnoff iced cake is meant to taste like vanilla cake out of a box -- with frosting, of course.


8. Alaska Distillery smoked salmon vodka -- there are simply no words.

9. Absolut wild tea is a vodka infused with black tea -- brings new meaning to tea time.

10. Georgi waffle vodka is inspired by the breakfast favorite, but vodka for breakfast? Only in a Bloody Mary.

Are these flavors enough to make you ditch your favorite mixers? Let us know in the comments below.


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