300 sandwiches blogger gets engaged after just 256 sandwiches

300 sandwich blogger Stephanie Smith made 256 sandwiches for her now fiance before he proposed. He originally told her she would have to make 300.
(Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times)

Stephanie Smith, the New York Post writer behind the 300 sandwiches blog, finally got engaged — 256 sandwiches later.

If you’re wondering what 300 sandwiches has to do with a marriage proposal, we’ll refresh your memory. In 2012, Smith started a blog to chronicle the 300 sandwiches her now-fiance told her she would have to make to get him to propose. Yes, this actually happened.

The two got engaged last week while in Barbados, according to a post on her blog Tuesday, while Smith was in the process of making sandwich No. 257. Smith dubbed the final sandwich the Fishkiller Fish Cutter, made with grilled mahi-mahi, Bajan hot pepper sauce and tomato and mango salsa on a salt bun.


“Eric is a man of his word — he always calls when he says he will, follows through on vacation plans and is never more than three minutes late for dinner or a movie,” Smith wrote of her fiance. “So I was shocked when he popped the question as I was getting ready to make sandwich 257.”

Looks like Smith’s biggest concern now on her blog is how her nails weren’t done in all her engagement photos. We don’t blame you. You were expecting to make 43 more sandwiches.

Smith wrote she still plans on making those remaining 43 sandwiches, but didin’t specify whether she’ll continue the blog.

We wonder what else he’ll make her cook for. Having kids? A new house? Guess the stomach really is the way to a man’s heart, or at least to his.