7 shot glasses you can be proud of at your next party

The world of shot glasses is vast and endless, but there are a few designs that stand above the rest. These glasses are worthy of holding your favorite alcohol and pounding down on a table.

And if anything, they're sure to start a conversation at that next house party.


Collapsible key chain shot glass: This shot glass gets major points for being a key chain. Because you never know when you'll be at someone else's home and all the shot glasses are taken. It's also collapsible, making for a discreet, portable drink container. And it comes with a carrying case., $3.14.

Laboratory shot glasses: These glasses look like mini beakers from your high school chemistry class. They're the perfect vessel for when you want to be a mad scientist and mix up a shot with a couple of different liquors. Set of four on, $16.82.

Fotodiox camera lens shot glasses: Why not take a shot of liquor out of a camera lens? This would make for a fun gift for any photographer. And just so you sound informed, it's a replica model of a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens. Set of three at, $17.95

Red cup shot glass: There's nothing like a classic red plastic cup to take you back to your college days. If you're looking to relive a major frat party, these are a must. Set of four on, $9.99.

—"Game of Thrones" house etched shot glasses: Set these up for the show's season premiere and get a drinking game going. How about a shot for every time someone dies? Set of four on, $29.95.

Himalayan salt shot glasses: These glasses are carved from Himalayan pink salt and add a hint of salt to all your shots. If you're in the mood for tequila, no need for a salt rim, just add lime. You can also just wipe them clean, no need for a proper wash. Set of four on, $39.95.

Mason jar shot glasses: Because taking a shot out of a regular-sized mason jar is just silly, these mini versions of the hipster, gastro-pub favorite are just begging to be filled with an infused liquor and a fancy herb garnish. Set of four at, $12.

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