New avocado-and-cheese Doritos: Japan has ‘em and so should we

In Japan, Frito Lay has released avocado-and-cheese-flavored Doritos, proving once again that Japan is far superior to the United States when it comes to snacking.

The most imaginative (if you can call it that) thing anyone in the United States has been able to do with Doritos thus far is make them into taco shells. Thank you Taco Bell for your Doritos Locos Tacos. But as a country, we should be able to do more.

The avocado-and-cheese Doritos are meant to taste like an avocado topped with cream cheese. For anyone whose actually put an avocado on top of their bagel with cream cheese in the morning (me!), you’ll know this is a genius idea for a chip flavor.

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An English translation of the flavor description on the Frito Lay Japan website reads: “Please enjoy, the creamy taste is mellow.” Well, we would, if we could just get our hands on a bag.

Other outside-the-box snack flavors to hit shelves in Japan include Pepsi-flavored Cheetos, TGI Friday’s Caesar Salad Lays and Mayonnaise Calbee chips.

The avocado-and-cheese Doritos are available in Japan until February.

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