This robot bartender is like a Keurig for idiot-proof cocktails


The future of homebody imbibing has officially arrived. A recent MBA grad/international bartender, a mechanical engineer/product designer and a mixologist have joined forces to create a countertop digital bartender that functions like a Keurig coffee machine.

Your next cocktail is as simple as putting a small capsule in a machine called the Bartesian, and pressing a button. You don’t even need to change out of your sweatpants to do it.

The idiot-proof cocktail machine is designed to hold four base liquors, including gin, vodka, rum and tequila provided by consumers themselves. The machine comes with everything else you’ll need to make the cocktail, including drink capsules.


Bryan Fedorak and Jason Neeval, the two guys behind the Bartesian, worked with bartender Dee Brun to come up with the first six capsule flavors, and Fedorak says they are already working on many more.

On the Bartesian cocktail menu are three classics (Margarita, Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan) and three signature drinks created by Brun. Those drinks include the Bartesian Breeze, made with strawberry, pineapple, lime juice and coconut water (just add rum); Uptown Rocks, a mix of white grape, peach and lemon juice (just add gin and a cilantro sprig garnish); and the Zest Martini, made with grapefruit juice and cucumber bitters (just add vodka).

Each of the capsules is made with fruit juice, liqueurs minus the alcohol and bitters. The capsules themselves are also recyclable.

To make the cocktails, you insert a capsule into the machine, and a digital screen displays the glass the cocktail is typically served in. You can then decide how strong you’d like your drink. Available options include a mocktail, one shot of alcohol or two.

A flow rate sensor measures out the correct amount of alcohol into the glass and voila. Your robot coffee-machine look-alike just made you a cocktail.

If you feel a real cocktail needs a shaker, the Bartesian comes with one, so you can shake the cocktail of your choice before serving.

To fund the Bartesian, Fedorak and Neeval started a Kickstarter campaign. After four days on the crowd-funding website, they’ve already raised more than $45,000 of their $100,000 goal. If fully funded, production on the Bartesian is scheduled for January, and the products should ship in March or April.


Depending on how much you donate to the campaign, you could receive a Bartesian with 12 drink capsules ($249), a Bartesian with 96 capsules ($399) or five Bartesians with 60 capsules ($1,399).

Fedorak says he and Neeval are looking into carbonation.

“Future models will either carbonate your drink for you or you can provide the carbonated water yourself,” said Fedorak. “We haven’t totally decided yet. We want to see what our customers want.”

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