The best beer to have with pretzels; 3 great L.A. spots for fresh pretzels and brew


National Pretzel Day is here again. Yup, there’s a day celebrating everyone’s favorite knotted bread, and that’s a good-enough excuse for us to seek out a twisted treat. You’re going to need something to wash that pretzel down with, and few things besides mustard go better with a soft and chewy pretzel than a beer.

Just about any beer will work with a pretzel, but to make the most out of the match you’ll want to pick a beer that complements the doughy and toasty knot. Classic German beer styles really shine here; a bright, hoppy pilsner or a dark and malty dunkel weisse are great matches.

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The lagers of Bavaria may be your very best bet when looking for a match for your pretzel. The toasted malts and herbal hop notes of the Marzen highlight the glossy, toasted skin of a soft pretzel. A Vienna lager, like the ubiquitous Samuel Adams Boston Lager, is a close second when it comes to classic lagers to pair with a pretzel.


If the thought of making your own pretzels is tying you in knots, there is no shortage of spots in L.A. where you can grab a fresh pretzel and a beer to match.

The giant example from the Pub at Golden Road Brewery is tough to beat, and it’s served with some of the most piquant mustard around (also, a really great vegan pub cheese). Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood serves up a basket of buttery pretzel balls, and they’ve got a tap list that will ensure you don’t leave thirsty.

A great place to get a taste of the whole German beer garden experience is the venerable Red Lion Tavern in Silverlake. You can get a pretzel, a sausage platter or some schnitzel, and all manner of German brews all on the quirky patio.



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