You can soon get your Blue Bottle cold brew coffee fix from a can


Because no matter the El Niño conditions, cold brewed coffee weather is pretty much year-round in Los Angeles, so it is not a bad idea to keep a ready supply in your home or office fridge. If you do, you may want to reserve some space open on the shelf for Blue Bottle Coffee: This month, the Oakland-based roaster will launch a canned version of its popular cold brew.

The recyclable aluminum cans, which are cute in the same way that BB-8 is cute, will preview this week at the Expo West convention in Anaheim. On March 18, they will become available at Blue Bottle’s Los Angeles, New York and Bay Area shops, and beginning in April, you’ll be able to find them at select Whole Foods supermarkets nationwide.

This will be Blue Bottle’s second ready-to-drink coffee beverage on the market. The first was a packaged version of its New Orleans-style iced coffee, a blend of coffee, milk, chicory and cane sugar, which the company released in 2014. Blue Bottle Cold Brew, in contrast, is simply coffee and water, using a process in which high-quality beans are brewed, strained, decanted and filtered through multiple stages. The result, Blue Bottle says, is an especially rich and refined coffee drink, with notes of red berry and bittersweet baker’s chocolate. You can sip it as is or add sweetener or milk.


Beyond taste, the drink’s other big draw, of course, is the fact that it is so portable. In addition to keeping a good number on hand at work, you can imagine taking a can or two with you along on a hike, to the beach. It’ll also probably serve you well while stuck in traffic.

Each can of Blue Bottle Cold Brew is eight ounces and will sell for $4 each. The cans will be available individually and in packs of four.

Blue Bottle Coffee. 582 Mateo St., Los Angeles, (213) 621-4194, and three other Los Angeles locations.


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