National French Fry Day: Celebrate with 13 recipes for stuff to dip your fries in


It’s National French Fry Day. Unlike other food holidays that have no business being holidays - think National Salad Month (May) or National Turkey Neck Soup Day (March 31) - French fries deserve an entire year’s celebration. Have you ever met anyone who really didn’t like a good French fry?

Test Kitchen Director Noelle Carter was quick to mention that one of the best things about a French fry is that you get to dip it. Whether you’re into thick fries with coarse salt, shoe string skinny fries, or sweet potato fries, all benefit from a dunk into something velvety.

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There are plenty of places around town to get your French fry fix, but you can get creative when you make your own dips at home. It’s easy, and when you eat a full basket of fries at home, no one’s watching. You can have as many condiments as you like, and most importantly, you don’t have to share.

A garlic aioli works well with a sweet potato fry; you can try dipping your fries in a spicy mustard; and there’s nothing like a salty fry dipped in ranch. We’re not knocking ketchup, but when you ditch the packets, the possibilities are endless.

Here are 13 recipes for French fry condiments you can make at home. And if you’re looking for something a little different than your average fry, try this recipe for smashed, fried potatoes.

New takes on the classics:

Basic mayonnaise

Chipotle mayonnaise

Tarragon mayonnaise

Sang Yoon’s fig-tamarind ketchup

Sang Yoon’s peach-pineapple ketchup


Roman mustard

Hard cider mustard

Herbed honey mustard

Dried cranberry mustard

Beer and caraway mustard

Getting creamy:

Creamy ranch sauce

Holy aioli:

Lemon aoioli

Jalapeño and garlic aioli


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