Cthulken: A scary next-level turducken with octopus and crab legs


Small children may want to look away. A picture of something Lovecraftian called the Cthulken has gone viral.

It seems to be an octopus shoved inside of a turkey with king crab legs coming out of the sides and strips of bacon on top. It's Thanksgiving meets the deep sea and a Las Vegas seafood buffet on a plate.

The man behind this creature is named Rusty Eulberg from Lubbock, Texas, who created the Cthulken two years ago.

"Basically my wife and I were going to have Christmas dinner with another couple 2 years ago," said Eulberg. "Jennie and I made a joke about Cthulhu Christmas or 'Cthrismas' and then we started shopping...."

Eulberg cooked the crab, turkey and octopus separately, then assembled them on a serving platter for presentation. He then added the strips of bacon on top as a "flavoring trick."

And if you're wondering how it tasted, Eulberg says it's "quite good." He added the octopus was a little tough, but still nice.

A Reddit user named doc berman posted the photo on the site on Saturday with the caption: "The Turduken is obsolete. Behold Cthulken." Since then, it has prompted more than 250 comments on Reddit and hundreds of mentions on Twitter.

Why someone would shove an octopus into a turkey is beyond us. But kudos to Eulberg for topping it off with the bacon. And he's not quite done yet. Eulberg is planning on making an entire Cthulhu-themed dinner around Halloween.

"I must say, that the almost universal reaction that people have when they see pictures is revulsion," said Eulberg. "I think that's kinda cool that no single food item causes the disgust, but arrange them all on the plate ... and people literally recoiled from the photo."

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[This post was updated Dec. 12, 2013 at 2:25 p.m. to include information from the Cthulken creator Rusty Eulberg.]


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