Grilled cheese and pastrami at Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese opening April 11

Eric Greenspan is ready to open his long-awaited grilled cheese shop, Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese, on April 11. The restaurant is on Melrose Avenue next to Greenspan’s Foundry, now closed for renovations until August.

Greenspan originally announced plans to open the grilled cheese-centric restaurant back in 2009. It will be home to his sandwich “The Champ,” which won the Grilled Cheese Invitational in Los Angeles in 2008. It’s made with Taleggio cheese, raisin walnut bread, apricot spread and short rib.

“Deliciousness takes time,” said Greenspan. “We have had a lot of opportunities over the past couple of years that have allowed us to strengthen and grow our team, and we wanted to make sure this concept was thoughtful and amazing rather than rush it.”

Other sandwiches on the menu include “Johnny Apple Cheese” made with sourdough, aged white cheddar, apple mustard chutney and pastrami; “Buffalo Blue” with rye bread, blue cheese, spicy carrot-celery slaw and fried chicken tenders; and “The Med” with challah bread, goat cheese, tomato, artichoke, roast peppers and avocado.

The menu will also include salads (“Green and Blue” kale salad with candied nuts, sliced apples and blue cheese croutons), tomato basil soup and latke bites. For dessert, there’ll be apple pie and “The Elvis” with white bread, banana, peanut butter and goat cheese.


There will also be house-crafted seltzer drinks with green apple ginger, pineapple cassis and blood orange creamsicle.

Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese, 7461 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, (310)-555-1111,

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