Hello Kitty dim sum? It’s in Hong Kong; sample item: Hello Kitty har gow


Hello Kitty, the cuddly Sanrio character that isn’t actually a cat -- we disagree -- is approaching world domination. She’s on everything from clothing to trucks, there’s a Hello Kitty exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum, Roy Choi made her into Spam musubi at the Line hotel, and now there’s a Hello Kitty-themed dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong.

Because if you really think about it, har gow, or anything for that matter, probably tastes better when you’re surrounded by Hello Kitty.

At the restaurant, she appears on everything from tables to chairs, artwork on the walls, as ornaments on the lamp pull chains, on tea pots and, of course, on the actual food.


Order the har gow, and a traditional metal steamer is presented with four shrimp dumplings with a translucent noodle wrapper, decorated with two black dots for eyes, whiskers, a yellow nose and a pink bow.

The buns full of custard are also decorated to look like Hello Kitty, and if you order rice, expect it to come in the shape of her head. And the carrots and bell peppers are cut into the shapes of bows and hearts.

It’s anyone’s guess if and how they serve spare ribs in black bean sauce.

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