This hot coffee comes in a can, with a ‘hot fridge’ to keep it warm

A company called HotShot is hoping the next time you roll out out of bed, you’ll reach for a hot can of coffee before heading out the door. Yet how do you hold a can of steaming hot coffee without burning your hands?

Hot canned coffee has been around in Japan for years, and coffee drinkers there are managing quite nicely. But company founder Danny Grossfeld, who came up with the idea for HotShot coffee while traveling in Japan, thought the Japanese versions weren’t hot enough or big enough.

So his company developed an insulated label that surrounds the HotShot aluminum can, designed to keep the coffee hot and your hands cool.

The cans also come with a HotBox, a microwave-sized box meant to hold nine HotShot coffee cans and keep them at 140 degrees. The company is keeping the technology behind the “hot fridge” under wraps until it secures a patent, but claims it is energy-efficient.

The coffee itself is made with Arabica beans and comes in French vanilla, caramel, espresso and hot chocolate. HotShot recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its new product and has raised about 8% of its $100,000 goal, with 40 days left in the campaign.


If the project is funded, the company plans on releasing more hot beverages in the future, including tea, cider, energy drinks, protein drinks, “gourmet coffee drinks” (cappuccino) and dairy drinks (mint chocolate milk).

Depending on how much you invest in the Kickstarter campaign, you can have your first shipment of HotShots and your own HotBox by December.

There are no set prices for the coffee or HotBoxes yet, but a $30 investment gets you a 12-pack of coffee and a $79 investment includes the 12-pack of cans and a HotBox.

Someone should really get on a hot-waffle-and-bacon box. Stat.

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