Interactive Instagram food map: Which cities share the most #foodporn

While you're trolling Instagram at 2 a.m., ever ponder the world of hashtags? Where do they all come from? Who is hashtagging the most bacon and which city in the world has the most banh mi lovers?, a photo-printing company in Europe, decided to find out. They used Instagram's open application programing interface (API) to analyze 100,000 photos, then used that data to create an interactive map showing which cities have the most food hashtags for everything from bacon to pierogis. 

You can view the full map below.

(via PhotoWorld).

We now know New Yorkers share more bacon photos than everyone else, everywhere. Los Angeles is the burrito capital of the world (like we didn't already know that), and Bangkok, Thailand, and Seoul really love to share photos of macarons. 

Angelenos share the most photos of bulgogi and katsu. And we also share more photos of sushi in L.A. and in New York City than people living in Tokyo.

When it comes to burgers and pulled pork, Londoners share more photos than in Austin, Texas. And unsurprisingly, Quebec takes the cake for most shared photos of poutine. 

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