Download the new iOS 9.1 for the burrito, Champagne and hot dog emojis


The Internet is buzzing over the new middle finger emoji included in the iOS 9.1 update. But for food lovers who feel the need to express themselves through smartphone emojis (one critic wrote a review using emojis), the real excitement has to do with a bottle of Champagne and a burrito.

The new food emojis, which include a wedge of cheese (maybe has something to do with that new study showing that cheese is as addictive as drugs), a taco, burrito, movie theater popcorn and bottle of Champagne, couldn't be more #spoton. If you've ever needed to tell a friend to come over with a bottle of Champagne and four tacos, but couldn't muster the strength to type it all out, you get it.

Here are four reasons the new emojis rock, and they have nothing to do with texting someone the middle finger. Because if you're texting about Champagne, that's just beneath you.

Hey, should we grab mimosas before archery today?

Los Angeles Times

No. You should not grab a couple of mimosas before your Sunday archery class. And now there are emojis to express this. There's also a new one to show a head injury. Genius.

I know I said I wanted chocolate, but I want popcorn too.

Los Angeles Times

You grab the seats at the movie theater and tell your date to get some candy. But after you sit down, the guy next to you has popcorn. It smells good. You want some too. Now you can text your date that you want popcorn and chocolate. He can text back he understands by duplicating the text. Operation good movie date accomplished.

Oh, you want tacos and sushi for dinner tonight?

Los Angeles Times

Your best friend can now text that he or she wants tacos and sushi for dinner. This is, after all, why you are friends with him/her. And you can respond with the appropriate "I worship you," "I'm so happy I put my hands up," "dancing twins" and "hey girl" emojis.

I want my burrito with extra cheese and hot sauce. Please.

Los Angeles Times

Your spouse is picking up burritos from your favorite Mexican restaurant on the way home. You forgot to tell him or her you wanted extra cheese and hot sauce. If he or she really loved you, he or she would know this already. But you want to make sure. No sweat, just text the new burrito emoji, with two new cheese wedge emojis and chile pepper. Divorce officially averted.

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