Klondike launches new ice cream candy bars

Klondike, maker of the iconic square ice cream bar with the hard chocolate shell, is launching a new line of ice cream “Kandy” bars.

There are three flavors: Caramel & Peanuts with vanilla ice cream, caramel, milk chocolate-flavored coating and crunchy peanuts; Fudge Krunch with chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge, a milk chocolate-flavored coating and rice crispy pieces; and Cookies & Cream with vanilla ice cream, cookie crunch pieces, chocolate fudge, white chocolate-flavored coating and a chocolate cookie crunch.

They taste like the candy bar version of Ben & Jerry’s core ice creams with a strip of chocolate or caramel running down the middle of each ice cream bar.

After some of our staff sampled all three flavors, there wasn’t a clear favorite. We did however agree that we wanted more of the “kandy” part of each bar. More caramel, more fudge and more cookies, please!


The bars are available at stores nationwide. A box of four is priced at $3.59.

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