Lay’s Do Us a Flavor mystery chips: Could lobster roll really happen?

Lay's is having its annual Do Us A Flavor contest to find the next great chip flavor. Pictured are the four mystery flavors, which won't be revealed till later this month.

Lay’s is having its annual Do Us A Flavor contest to find the next great chip flavor. Pictured are the four mystery flavors, which won’t be revealed till later this month.

(Jenn Harris / Los Angeles Times)

If you’re a serious chip fiend — you know who you are — your taste buds should tingle at the start of the annual Lay’s Do Us A Flavor contest. New chip flavors are about to enter your universe, and you need to be ready.

The contest brings in millions of chip flavor submissions each year before Lay’s chooses four finalists to unleash on the masses. Each of this year’s flavors was inspired by a specific location in the country. One fan favorite will be chosen as the winner. And its creator will become a new millionaire.

If you want a sneak peek at the flavors, here’s what you can expect from this year’s finalists. After a serious taste test around the office, flavor guesses included Communion wafers, dill and fettuccine Alfredo.


For Flavor One, it was a toss-up between a bacon cream-cheese dip and dill. Clearly we had our signals crossed.

Flavor Two had some people thinking of lobster rolls and clam bakes. There was a definite seafood vibe for this one.

For Flavor Three, a mix of tangy tomato and creamy cheese had people guessing lasagna or grilled cheese and tomato soup.

And for the final mystery flavor, the chips, sprinkled with unidentifiable green flecks, smelled like sour cream and onion, but one taste tester guessed fettuccine Alfredo.

The one resounding criticism was that the chips weren’t flavorful enough. In other words, they needed more schmutz.

And thankfully this year, there’s no cappuccino flavor.

We could be way off the mark, or dead on. We’ll find out later this month when Lay’s reveals the mystery flavors. The winning flavor will be announced in the fall.


PepsiCo Frito-Lay, the Lay’s parent company, will have an oversized vending machine somewhere in Los Angeles on Friday, the company said in a release. The vending machine will be stocked with all four mystery flavors, which will not be revealed. The packaging will display the chips as Mystery Flavor 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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