For Mardi Gras, maker of brioughnut unleashes beignetto

ConfeXion Cupcakes+Cake in Old Town Pasadena, creator of the brioche-meets-doughnut brioughnut, introduces its beignetto -- a cross between a New Orleans-style beignet and the Italian yeast-risen doughnut bombolino -- just in time for Mardi Gras.

The beignetto will be available every Tuesday in March, including Fat Tuesday, and the bakery will continue to offer a new flavor each month. The first flavor will be "Nutella Supreme" – a warm beignetto filled with hazelnut-chocolate pastry cream, topped with French chocolate glaze and house-made caramelized hazelnuts.


Co-owner and executive pastry chef Anthony Valerio said he experimented with several doughs before finalizing his beignetto recipe. The result, he said, is a doughnut that's crispy like a NOLA beignet with the fluffy, rich texture of Italian bombolini.

"My dough is a pretty big secret around here," he said, "but I can tell you it's made using imported Italian flours and it actually requires no kneading. It's not a drop doughnut either.

"I do think a major difference between beignets and bombolini is yeast. But, it's not only yeast. The biggest difference is that traditional bombolini contains more fat (i.e. egg yolks, milk) than most beignet doughs. Beignet doughs are typically leaner, which is why they fry into a poofy crisp."

Also, bombolini are lighter and airier than a beignet, and they're often filled. Beignets are usually covered in powdered sugar and not filled, he noted.

Beignettos will be made with house-made infused sugars and fillings such as curds, caramels and creams.

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