The McRib is back! But how do you find it?


The McDonald’s McRib is back. For those who wait all year for the pork patty shaped like a mini rack of ribs, here’s your chance to go nuts. But is it harder to find this year?

CNBC is reporting that only 55% of the McDonald’s franchises in the country are offering the seasonal special. Last year, 75% of the restaurants served the McRib.

“For the 2015 McRib promotion there are nearly 8,000 participating restaurants,” McDonald’s spokesperson Lisa McComb told The Times in an email. There are a little more than 14,300 locations of the fast-food restaurant in the U.S.


But according to McComb, it’s the individual franchise owners who decide on serving the McRib or not.

“This participation isn’t significantly different than last year,” said McComb. “Owner/operators are free to offer the menu items they feel their local customers will want.”

And if you’re still wondering what a McRib is, McDonald’s attempted to explain its ingredients last year with a mythbuster video. According to the video, the McRib patty is made with pork, water, dextrose and preservatives.

The sandwich will be available at participating McDonald’s locations through the end of the year. There’s also a McRib locator website (not affiliated with McDonald’s), that can help. People can report McRib sightings on the website and look for the sandwich near them.

However, a quick search on the website shows the nearest McRib to Los Angeles is in Sebastopol in Sonoma County, spotted last Saturday by Aidan Briggsonian.

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