Summer grilling: 15 burger recipes to wow your friends


Memorial Day weekend calls for grilling. And grilling means burgers.

You’ll have the rest of the summer to experiment with steaks, kabobs, sausages and shrimp and fruit. But throwing a few burgers on the grill just says Memorial Day weekend, right?

Not just any ol’ burgers will do, of course.

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We pored over the L.A. Times Test Kitchen archives for 15 of our favorite burger recipes. Take a spin through the gallery of recipes above and you’ll see what we mean: We have classic burgers but also sliders, turkey burgers, salmon burgers and more.


And for the vegetarians out there -- we have you covered, too, with a burger made out of black beans and portobello mushrooms, and a roasted veggie burger.

To you burgermeisters out there, some of these recipes will look familiar. That’s because they were the top winners of our annual Battle of the Burgers. The third annual Battle of the Burgers is underway. Go to the L.A. Times Food Facebook page and submit your burger recipe, along with a short essay about why this is the most amazing burger of all time.

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Include a photo if you can. (In our experience, recipes with photos do better with voters.) We’ll take top vote-getters and try the burgers out in the Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen.

The top five vote-getters will get an invite to the Los Angeles Times to have their picture taken with their top burger. And we’ll feature the photos and recipes in our Fourth of July Saturday section, scheduled to run June 29.


Nutella lives!

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